Part of my homework assignment was to make 5 passwords of 5 simple words or phrases, using numbers and symbols as letters.


I like to think that my dashboard hula girl has a beautiful singing voice.


I love honey peach iced tea. #communitycoffee #baristaperks


Revolutionary Gay Magazine: Common Relationship Mistakes Gay Men Make


Straight, Gay, LGBT We all want to have a great relationship but some of us just don’t know how to keep one. Here are some common mistakes Gay men make in relationships. image

1. Open Relationships: While we may want to live interesting and experimental lives, the biggest mistake a Gay couple can…

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The all-white reinvention of Medieval Europe commonly depicted in popular fiction, films, tv shows and art is entirely that: a fiction. An invention. An erasure. Obviously, people of color have been an essential and integral part of European life, European art, and European literary imagination since time immemorial. To cite “historical accuracy” as a means to project whitewashed images of the past into the future to maintain a fiction of white supremacy is an unconscionable farce.

People of Color are not an anachronism.




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Rats dyed with food coloring sit on a man’s shoulder in Time Square, NY

What’s that little metal piece?

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"The whole transaction will be done in less than 5 seconds — the time it usually takes you to pull out your wallet."


Finland-Based Startup Will Let You ‘Pay With Your Face’

You can easily lose your wallet, but it’s pretty difficult to lose your face. That’s the motivation behind Finland-based startup Uniqul, which is testing a system that lets customers conduct payment transactions with their faces, using military-grade facial recognition technology.

How does your face become your currency? Read the story on NPR’s All Tech Considered blog.

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What happens if there are twins? Do they just share a bank account?

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I will practice and I will become the best. BELIEVE IT. #shootme

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I love sleep because it’s like a time machine to breakfast

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